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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Caught in the act!
Last night I set up a trap. You see, I bought a new rug for our entryway and it never seems to be where I put it. So I set up a little trap figuring I could catch the culprit(s) - I fully expected the kittens to be the evil-doers. Here is a before pic of what the rug should look like:

Nice, simple rug right? Well I set my camera down with the self timer on. Went into the living room and came back after the flash. This is what I got:

Not exactly what I expected. Here I am blaming the kittens and it was the big dude the whole time!

I have more pics for y'all. These are the Barbie outfits I've finished in the past couple of days. I was going to use Bossy's photos but I thought y'all might actually like to see the outfits rather than a big blur (she doesn't hold the camera still yet)

I also wanted to share my Christmas tree forest. DH and Princess made these while I was at SNB last night. Very cute!

I loved reading Diana's and Mary's snow stories for my last post. Too funny! I don't remember any rituals to get school closing - but I do remember that few closings because the busses wouldn't start (someone unplugged them sometime during the night - NO it wasn't me - No really, it wasn't me honest!)

I also remember DH's first view of the snow they could get in Upstate NY during the blizzard of '93. "It's not snow ... It's glaciation!" he said. Granted it was a record breaking 30-something inches in 24-hours - but glaciation? I think not. He really got a shock when we headed back to school and got stuck in WVA. He thought we would outrun it - NOT! We can laugh now but it wasn't fun at the time.

Posted by DustBunniesCanWait at 9:39 AM
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That's so funny about the rug -- I think my big cat does that too. I'll come into the room and find her sitting exactly like yours is sitting -- sorting leaning on/into one of the humped-up "wrinkles" in the rug, like she made her own furniture. It's impossible to keep throw rugs straight around cats. I don't even consciously realize it anymore, now everytime I walk into a room I just automatically straighten the rugs with my feet. And when the sun is shining through one of the little crystals I have hanging in the window and throwing rainbows all over for the cats to chase, the rugs just end up in a ball. Sigh....

By Blogger Mary, at 7:39 PM  

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