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Monday, December 19, 2005
I've been a bad girl
You know that post I made about working an hour a day on the Dr. Who Scarf? While I broke it this weekend. Let's see ... if I add up all of the time I even thought about working on it ... hmmm ... I think I may have 1 minute for the whole weekend. That 1 minute would have been the amount of time that it took to fish my wallet out of the knitting bag.

Saturday I worked on my niece's gift. I decided to rip the convertible mitten that I made and just make a plan mitten since I was not sure if it would fit her. I got one done and figured I would get the other done Sunday. Instead of knitting the scarf, we went to a new (for us) restaurant. For any of y'all with families, Cheeburger Cheeburger is a great place to go. DH got his picture on the wall by eating their one-pounder. Of course he now says "If the girls hadn't wanted it so bad I wouldn't have done it". Yeah right! He was the one who ordered it in the first place and he was the one who told the girls they could be in the picture with him. So if y'all ever get to the Cheeburger Cheeburger here, take a look at the wall and see if you can find them (hint: they are on the wall opposite the bar)

Sunday I had good intentions. I was going to make Christmas cookies in the morning, knit all afternoon, and go to a cookie swap in the evening. That was the plan, unfortunately plans change. I ended up helping Princess and Bossy clean up their rooms since they claimed they had no clothes. Actually it was a true claim for Princess who hid all of her dirty clothes in the toy box instead of the hamper. Now I ask you, Is it that much harder to put your clothes in the hamper than in the toy box? I mean really, how silly can one girl get?

So that was my morning, come afternoon I still had the cookies to make. Got the cut-outs dough made and in the fridge and started the eggnog cookies. That's when I discovered that the pecans I thought I bought were actually walnuts and were used in the coffeecake DH made. So Off to the store. I made a "quick" stop" to get gas and milk from Costco (cheapest in town) before heading over to Kroger to get the pecans.

Get home and get the cookies almost done when I saw that we didn't have enough nutmeg. So again, another quick trip to the store. This time I thought I would be clever and avoid the Kroger crowd by getting the nutmeg at the dollar store. Guess what? They were all out of nutmeg! Go to Kroger and they were out of ground nutmeg! What in the world are all these people doing with all of that Nutmeg? Luckily there was another Kroger pretty close that did have Nutmeg.

Get home again and make the cookies. By now it is 5:00 ... time to start dinner. Notice something missing in this day? Yep, NO Knitting accomplished what so ever! I think I'm in withdrawal!

I sure hope today will be better.

Posted by DustBunniesCanWait at 8:20 AM
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Isn't it nutmeg that gets put in fruitcakes? If so, then that's pretty darn scary -- think of all those fruitcakes out there being made and (gasp!) given as gifts!

Also, I think nutmeg is put in gingerbread men cookies. I hope that's the REAL reason for the shortage, and I hope I'm a recipient! ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 10:57 PM  

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