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Thursday, September 07, 2006
As promised ... and promised!
Behold .... Finished objects!

See I told you, I've been busy knitting. It's no excuse for not updated y'all, but better late than never, right? So without further ado, here are some of the things I've finished since my last update.

These reversible bookmarks are my own design. I wanted a quick little thank you item for some of my RM members.

For those of you without daughters, this dress is based on the pauper from Barbie's Princess and the Pauper video. I have the pattern for the Princess dress too, but no pink yarn to make it with. Don't know how that happened

Here are 3 more Barbie outfits I made over the summer. I really liked the one on the left ... it's my own design too. You can't tell to well from the picture, but it has these really cute butterfly beads down the front. Just ignore the "quality" Barbies I had to deal with.

How about some WIP's?

I also have some WIP pictures to share. This one is a "special order" from Princess but Bossy may end up getting it if Princess doesn't start doing her chores. The dress is done (yes, this is what I was working on at SnB) but I just started the vest that goes with it. It's knit starting at the bottom back, up over the shoulder, then down the front. I'm up the the split for the fronts.

This one is for a swap I'm doing. You can't tell from the picture, but the skirt is pleated at the waist. I'm not sure I like that though, it seems to make Barbie look a little hippy. The jacket is almost done (it's knit the same way as the vest above) Hopefully it will look better with it.

I also had a casualty. My first attempt at the above top was stolen by one of the kitties. When I found it, it looked like this ... (no the picture is not blurry, that's what it looks like!)

I guess they had fun!

Update on us

Ernesto came through here and I was congratulating myself on how well we came though it. It's amazing we did so well, since we went camping down to the northern neck of VA that week. In fact, we checked out Friday morning ... right when Ernesto hit For future reference, packing up a trailer in the middle of a tropical storm is not ... I repeat not a good idea. We lucked out though. We saw no flooding or downed trees on the way home. Our power flickered a couple of times, but we didn't lose it! I thought we did great until I went out the next day and saw this

and in case you don't see the problem ...

Oops, I guess we forgot to take the flag down. Thank goodness the tree caught it.

And in other Exciting News!!!!

I am celebrating! Both girls are in school! Yeah!!!! I can actually clean the house ... turn around ... and the house is still clean! I can also enjoy a few hours without those dreaded phrases "mommy, sissy won't do ..." and "Sissy made me do it!" and let's not forget "But Mommm!!!"

Here's a couple of pictures to honor that special day!

Posted by DustBunniesCanWait at 11:01 AM
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