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Saturday, May 05, 2007
Exciting week!
Top News!

It's been a very exciting week here at Dustbunny Haven! Tuesday, as I was getting ready to go to SnB I see this:
Yep ... one of our neighbor's house was on fire! When I first went out o look there were actual flames coming out of the side. Fortunately nobody was home there, or on either side. That means the only damage was to the 2 houses ... nobody was hurt! One of our local news station's stopped by but I guess our excitement was not enough to make the cut.

Bossy, being her usually self, interviewed a fireman to find out all the details.
Maybe she has a future as a reporter? It seems that the fire started in the mulch and traveled up the side of the building. When pressed, (told you she was good!) he said that it probably was a cigarette that caused it but the didn't know for sure right then.

Now for something on the silly side of life

I got home from work and heard a faint cry for help from the far reaches of the living room. Being a superhero mom, I rushed in to save my babies and stopped dead in my tracks. Turned right around and grabbed Princess's camera. It seems that it wasn't my little babies that need help, but the big one!
Attack of the Sticker Monster!

The news everyone wants to see

I got a lot finished over the past couple of weeks. First up: My RichmondMommies KAL project. Here it is before felting -
And this is what it looks like all felted.
Felting it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be (I have a front loading washer). I put the bag into a pillowcase (to stop fussies from mucking up the washer) and ran it through a cycle with a couple of tennis balls and sheets to aid agitation. It didn't shrink much at all, so I threw it into the dryer. That did it! I really like how the felting made the flower pop!

Next up: Princess's new sweater.
Now that was a project I loved! A 2 day/2.5 skein sweater. Can't beat that!
And last, but not least I have a picture of Bossy's Easter Dress. You know ... the one I finished on Easter?
It's not the best quality picture in the world. The dress looks so much better in real life!

Upcoming news

What's next? Well I have a sweater on the needles for my niece. The back is done, and I'm working on the front.

I'm also planning on making some new blouses for work. Got the material and the patterns ... just need to get up the ambition to cut them out. That's my least favorite part to do for sewing. One I get that down though ... I can usually finish easily.

Posted by DustBunniesCanWait at 7:41 AM
5 friends have spoken


Love the ruffle on that Easter dress! I'm very impressed that you are making clothes for yourself - I have given up the idea of ever getting anything wearable for me out of my efforts. Maybe you could teach a class!

I have some yarn for you! Could you email me your real-mail address to tabewhiteATgmailDOTcom? THANKS!

By Blogger Anne Margaret, at 12:15 PM  

OOOooo glad nobody was hurt in the fire. Do sticker monters attack at random? hehe That is too funny. Your bag turned out so cute I love those 2 colors together. And bossy's dress is absolutely adorable...I'm jealous I only think I can sew LOL....but great job!

By Blogger Amanda, at 4:18 PM  

That easter dress is just precious! And your children are adoreable! I think they've each grown inches since the last pics I remember seeing!

By Blogger bunnyhead, at 9:26 AM  

Yay! I'm glad to see things are going well at your place - despite the neighbor's fire...

I may be able to join you at the SnB one day soon - do you go to the SS group at B&N?

By Blogger lmilla, at 9:15 AM  

When you get some time I have tagged you, check out my blog for details :)

By Blogger Amanda, at 8:46 AM  

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