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Saturday, May 26, 2007
People are stupid!
Warning .... the following is a pure and simple rant.

Why is it when a group of people get together they lose all logic? This week at Dustbunny haven we have been going back and forth with our homeowners association. They are claiming that we are breaking a rule (which we are not) and their solution is for us to break one. Crazy? right?

You know, I understand that there are guidelines that must be upheld for the good of the community. I signed off on them when we moved in. Heck, DH even wrote the rule book that clarifies the convents. If anyone knows what they say ... he would.

But no, somebody (who doesn't even live in the neighborhood ... they rent out their home) got a bee up their butt. He sent in a several page complaint letter about each and everything he saw wrong with the community. What I want to know is why our board is giving his complaints more weight that the actual convents? I thought that wasn't allowed? ... but I digress. .

What I want to complain about is the logic behind breaking a rule so that we can be in compliance with a non-existent rule? Does that make sense to any of y'all? It certainly doesn't to me! I mean, wouldn't it have been better to go through the procedures of added the non-existent rule to the books? Of course that wouldn't be quick would it?

I also don't know how many suckers homeowners fell for their fake rule. For all we know, we may have been the only ones to bitch point out their error. Of course we couldn't leave it at that ... we also just had to point out to them them that they violated Commonwealth law by not giving us hearing before taking punitive action. That is when the board came up with the "compromise". I wonder how they are going to react when we say "fine, but I need to have something signed by all of you stating that we are allowed to {break this rule} and you will not fine us for it later". That should be really interesting {insert evil grin here}

Like Tommy Lee said in Men in Black "a person is smart, but people are stupid".

Posted by DustBunniesCanWait at 11:07 PM
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