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Friday, November 16, 2007
I love my Mom
I love my mom, I really do. So why do I want to shoot her sometimes?

She is visiting here for Princess's birthday and arrived today. I saw her all of 1/2 hour before I had to just leave. I don't expect much ... but .... there are certain things she does that drive me insane.

What was it today? Well, remember I told you that we were trying to sell our house? One of the things we took apart and put away was the extra bed. No big deal, mom has several air mattresses that she can bring down with her to sleep on. I remember specifically telling here to bring the Twin, although I admit that I didn't tell her why. Well, she ended up bring the double ... along with extra bedding because she assumed that was why I wanted her to bring the twin. Besides ... "the double is more comfortable"

I'm all for comfort, but that doesn't change the size of the room. Quite frankly, there is only room to comfortably fit an extra twin in there. The double can squeeze in, but the room is now crammed. This is where we get back to the selling the house part .... If ( a big IF this close to T-day) we get someone who wants to look at the house ... we are now going to need to deflate the mattress, find somewhere to stash it, and move all of the furniture back to where it was. An hour or so later we will get to repeat the process in reverse Roll Eyes 4 Oh joy!

Posted by DustBunniesCanWait at 5:44 PM
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My mom does not take direction well either!

You could think about it more positively....like staying with Spouse is much better than moving back in with her??!!!!

By Blogger Suzanne, at 8:06 AM  

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